Bonni Miller is a fashion designer, artist, model, and traveler, at this time living in Paris, France.


She was born of a handsome tall blond German father and a beautiful Norwegian country girl hairdresser specializing in Marcella Waves (1930s). Her father was a stonemason, building a castle (a landmark in Middleton, Wisconsin called Castle Rock) as well as a home and a motel adjoining the castle. He took her on his daily work and she has since always loved stones and the smell of cement, reminding her of the days watching this amazing man create from natural resources. Bonni's mother influenced her love of clothes, always dressing her in charming outfits and grooming her to be ladylike.


Her first great art teacher was Herbert Jacobs, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, from Spring Green, Wisconsin. His architectural renderings with pen and ink impressed her mind, a medium which became an obsession for most of her life. Having studied art in Arizona and subsequently winning a scholarship to McDowell Design School, Bonni started her career in fashion that was to continue even after her married life and while raising a family of three in New York City in her Greenwich Village shop "Femme Fatale". This private shop was where she designed for distinguished clients such as Marilyn Monroe, Princess von Brancovan, and other memorable personas.


Living in Palm Beach, Florida, New York City, Montauk, NY, California, Morocco, and Paris were inspirational to all of Bonni's designs. Now they are offered online as collector's items to the daring and romantic among the men and women of the world.


Bonni has continued her modeling career in Paris, portraying parts in films, advertisements, and other videos. Her love of France has inspired many drawings and have been added to her collection of travel diaries -- books documenting the many exotic places and moments of her life.









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